Cross Land Surveying, Inc. San Jose, CA
Cross Land Surveying, Inc.San Jose, CA

Right-of-Way Engineering/Boundary Surveys

    Our current personnel have solved the boundary lines for over 1,400 parcels, recovering over 1,500 monuments to do so. Many of our right-of-way engineering projects were for highway improvements such as adding HOV lanes, creating new overpasses and adding barriers; however, we have worked on large railway and flood control projects as well. For these projects we performed the boundary research (notes on file with the County Surveyor, unfiled maps, recorded maps and deeds), establish or extend survey control, field location of existing monumentation, office reduction and evaluation of the field data, boundary and easement line determinations and mapping of the results, many times involving a pre-construction record of survey and a post-construction record of survey. These Records of Survey may be comprised of numerous sheets and many record references and monument ties.


  We have performed the calculations and prepared over 350 legal descriptions and plats just on the BART and Capitol Avenue projects alone. For the City of Palo Alto and for the San Jose Water Company, we have also prepared legal descriptions and plats for electric line facilities and water line routes.

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